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Advanced Communications and Media offers the following services:

Traditional telephone systems transmit voice using a public switched telephone network (PTSN).  With modern technology, telephone and voice applications can be transported over an IP network.   An IP phone converts the analog voice signal to a digital signal, then uses compression to transmit the signal over the internet.

Digital signals allow information to be sent internationally with less interference than analog signals.   Information from an email or an application file is converted when transmitted over the internet as a digital packet.  When this packet reaches the destination network it is then converted to a readable format and represented to the end user as text or graphics in an email or application.

Information security is important for protecting your organization’s data and confidential information.  A firewall is implemented to protect your infrastructure from hackers by putting up a wall between the internet and your network.  When used in conjunction with data backup, encryption, and compression techniques, information is secure and provides loss prevention.

Managed Carrier services
Most businesses have separate providers for voice, data, and video services. Managed carrier services reduce your costs by allowing you to go through one provider for all services.

Desktop Support
As problems arise desktop support is crucial to maintain productivity in the workplace.  With modern technology this can be done remotely, decreasing down time dramatically.

Managed Remote Services
Monitoring the critical and complex aspects of your infrastructure is important.  While most companies have an IT department dedicated to performing these duties, it can be very costly.  Simplified software solutions allow this to be done remotely, saving your organization time and money.