Univerge PF6800 United Network Coordinator

Remove Network Constraints

The NEC ProgrammableFlow Unified Network Coordinator (UNC) provides network orchestration across multiple locations or network zones, providing visibility and control of both physical and virtual network resources.

The PF6800 UNC offers

  • Higher bandwidth continuity.
  • Improved access to geographically disperse locations.
  • A reduction in data center complexity.
  • Increase visibility for improved security.

Product Description

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Key Benefits

  • Configure, deploy, monitor and manage virtual and physical networks spanning data center zones, including multiple locations – all made possible from a central point.
  • Delivers 10 times the scalability over a single controller with up to 2,000 switches, 10 million network flows.
  • Open, standards-based RET APIs to integrate L4-7 network service.
  • Delivers dramatic improvement in resource utilization.
  • Simplifies data center management.

A Smart Investment

UNC enables construction and management of virtual networks across multiple controllers within a data center as well as across interconnects between data centers. With a capability of linking virtual networks across and between data centers the ability to link to specific policies within the UNC is possible, resulting in the ability to have an end-to-end policy across multiple controllers and multiple domains.

Scalable Compatibility

As an illustration of its 10 times* scalability, each UNC controls up to:

  • 10 controllers to 10 sites or 10 zones in a large data center.
  • 2,000 switches (compared to 200 switches per controller in previous version).
  • 30,000 Virtual Tenant Networks (VTN).
  • 100,000 VLANs.
  • 10 million flows.

*As Tested by NEC


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